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Your Expert Cleanroom Manufacturer

  • Over 20 Years Cleanroom Manufacturing Experience
  • Cleanroom Doors & Windows Meet CE ISO Industry Standards
  • Customized Cleanroom Solutions For Your Specific Situation
  • Cleanroom Installation On Site Available
  • Completely Support Your Cleanroom Design Project

All Types of Cleanroom For Saleto Support Your Project and Business

Whether you need biological clean room, pharma clean room, modular clean room or semiconductor clean room, Qing Neng Group can supply and help you build reliable cleanroom fast for food, medical and more industries at affordable clean room price with total cleanroom solutions. You can also build clean room from class 10 to class 100,000.

As expert cleanroom supplier, Qing Neng has advanced processing equipment for cleanroom equipment, your cleanroom will be durable and longer service time as the raw material of Qing Neng cleanroom items is first class. You don’t need to worry about how to install cleanroom as Qing Neng will send technical staff to do it for you in your local country.


  • Qing Neng Group supply different Cleanroom for you
  • Qing Neng Group supply Cleanroom for food workshop
  • Qing Neng Group supply Cleanroom for medical industry

Cleanroom Equipment For Sale

cleanroom doors by Qing Neng Group supply

Qing Neng supply multi types of Cleanroom Doors for medical, food and more industries. Your cleanroom will have a good insulation effect with our Cleanroom Doors.

cleanroom windows from Qing Neng

You will have qualified Cleanroom Windows from Qing Neng Group. All of our cleanroom windows feature in higher grade glass to ensure better effect for your need.

Qing Neng Cleanroom Panels

You can use Qing Neng Cleanroom Panels to build various cleanroom. There is no defects in our cleanroom panels so your cleanroom project will be great.

cleanroom air conditioner from Qing Neng Group

Qing Neng is expert manufacturer & supplier on Cleanroom Air Conditioner and we can tailor suitable Cleanroom Air Conditioner for your individual cleanroom situation.

cleanroom solutions by Qing Neng Group

Qing Neng Group provide customized Cleanroom Solutions to meet different industry. You can get your cleanroom project finised by Qing Neng technical support team.

Qing Neng Cleanroom Design

You can let Qing Neng design your clean room layout with advice on building suitable type of clean room according to your business model.

Qing Neng Cleanroom Manufacturing Capacity

Qing Neng has a complete international brands cleanroom production machines to manufacture your order. No matter what type of cleanroom product, you can rely on Qing Neng to prepare for your project. All of Qing Neng workshop is dust free with skillful workers to enusre the quality for your cleanroom equipment.

Qing Neng is direct clean room factory and got CE certification for cleanroom building materials, Qing Neng has R&D laboratories, testing laboratory and formulation system laboratory to research & develop cleanroom equipment. Qingneng has a high-quality professional technical team to guarantee reliable quality of cleanroom projects and related cleanroom equipments.

Why Choose Qing Neng for Cleanroom

Direct Cleanroom Manufacturer

Qing Neng is the Cleanroom Manufacturer and Supplier with factory to ensure you can get the cleanroom equipment at competitive price & reliable quality.

Meet All Certifications

Qing Neng has got all certifications for cleanroom products. We also pass China Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Installation Service Available

Qing Neng will install your cleanroom on your site to save your time and budget. You will get trainning on how to manage and maintain your cleanroom.

Customized Cleanroom Design

You can design your cleanroom with help of Qing Neng. We will offer Customized Cleanroom Design service to let you start your project quickly.

Cleanroom Maintain & Repair

Qing Neng will help you maintain and repair your cleanroom for any case. You get a long service from Qing Neng Group for your cleanroom.

Cleanroom Components & Consumables

You can directly import Cleanroom Components & Consumables from Qing Neng Group. There are enough Components & Consumables for your need.

Customer Review On Our Cleanroom

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How Qing Neng Help Your Cleanroom Business

cleanroom supplier auto welding machine
Auto Welding Machine

Welding cleanroom doors precisely

cleanroom supplier automatic bending machine
Automatic Bending Machine

Great accuracy & high efficiency

cleanroom supplier automatic polishing machine
Automatic Polishing Machine

Ensure smooth surface for cleanroom panels

Clean Room Panels Film Covering
Clean Room Panels Film Covering

Advanced Film Covering machine for superior performance

Clean Room Panels Edge Banding
Edge Banding Technique

Excellent Edge Banding technique

Clean Room Panels Compaction
Clean Room Compaction Control

Strictly QC before shipping

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How to Find Reliable Cleanroom Supplier in China?

You should be careful when sourcing Cleanroom Supplier and Manufacturer in China. Not every company you saw on internet is real qualifed manufacturer. You can try the following ways.

1. Search the Company on Internet

You can search their name on internet first to see if they have any extra info on cleanroom related websites. A real cleanroom manufacturer usually appears in industry directory. You can check  if the company name is on classroom industry list.

2. Search Cleanroom Manufacturer Review 

You should open google or youtube and search “company name review” to see if there is any review from their customers. If there’re many positive reviews, you can have confidence to discuss with the cleanroom manufacturer.

3. Visit Cleanroom Supplier

This is the most effective way but you might not fly to China. You can ask your friend or someone who you trust in China to visit the Cleanroom Supplier’s factory to check if they are the real Cleanroom Manufacturer.

4. Check Cleanroom Materials

This is important as cheap materials lead bad experience. You should not just consider price when comparing different Cleanroom Suppliers. You need to know the difference of their raw materials as it decide the price and quality of Cleanroom.


What is the Price of Cleanroom?

How much is cleanroom?

A cleanroom might sell at $12000 on internet but it varies for different project details.


cleanroom is a complex project consist of different items so you can’t directly know its specific price.

Cleanroom Class

This is the necessary field you need to consider.

The higher class for cleanroom, the more expensive it will be.

Cleanroom Design

This is easy to understand.

Simple design will cost you less money while complex clearoom will need more budget to finish.

Cleanroom Equipments

How many Cleanroom Equipments do you need for your clearoom?

This decides your cost on the total project.

The more equipment you need, the more money you will have to pay.



When Should I Build Cleanroom?

Cleanroom need is rising now due to more and more industry development.

There is not a clear standard to confirm the best time to build cleanroom.

However, you need to design your cleanroom layout first before building it.

If your requirement is complex or need help on cleanroom design, you can let Qing Neng help you.

How To Choose Cleanroom

You should know the class requirements for your cleanroom.

As there are diferent classroom class so you need to know what type of cleanroom you need.

Also you need to find reliable cleanroom manufacturing companies and vendors to source.

If you have problem on chooing cleanroom types, Qing Neng can help you on that.

Can I Customize The Cleanroom?

Sure you can.

You need to get a reliable cleanroom supplier and manufacturer to help you customize it.

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