Cleanroom Design and Construction Expert

About Qing Neng Group

14+ Years experience since 2008 in cleanroom business
1000+ successful cases for your reference
30+ experienced engineers
500+ skilled workers
Cleanroom Design and Construction Expert in China

Cleanroom Design and Construction Expert in China

Qing Neng supplies high-end cleanroom products that are cost-competitive. This is because the company combines European technology and the advantages of manufacturing in China.

Currently, our product includes cleanroom doors & windows, cleanroom equipment, FFU, and cleanroom panels.

Besides cleanroom equipment, we also provide customized one-stop cleanroom project solutions such as consult, design, and installation.

Qing Neng sales team is full of professionals and enthusiasts, we offer a full range and 24/7 services for you.

Qing Neng Milestone

Qing Neng is one of the leading clean room manufacturers and suppliers in China. Recruit Global Dealers.
The company is stable and developing rapidly.
Has a leading design and construction team in China.
The company's team has reached 200+ people and has become a leader in China's clean room industry.
The new factory was established, and the product line was more complete.
Established in 2008.

Qing Neng Capacity

Qing Neng has advanced cleanroom manufacturing machine to produce cleanroom doors, windows, cleanroom panels, etc. You can rest assured Qing Neng capacity when sourcing cleanroom products from China.

You will get full testing certificates of our cleanroom equipments. Qing Neng is capable of producing enough cleanroom items to meet various business neeeds.

There are complete cleanroom products from Qing Neng, you can choose different products based on your specific need. All of Qing Neng products will go through strict quality control before shipping to you.

What Can We Do for You

Cleanroom Design
You can tell us your specific requirements and Qing Neng will design it for you. Qing Neng can also take measurement for your place on site.
Cleanroom Production
You can have wide choice of cleanroom products such as cleanroom doors, windows, panels and more from Qing Neng.
Cleanroom Solutions
Qing Neng provide one-stop cleanroom solutions like cleanroom building, cleanroom design, cleanroom equipments and more to support your business.

Qing Neng Cleanroom Expertise

You can trust Qing Neng Cleanroom Expertise when finding cleanroom suppliers in China. Qing Neng has exported cleanroom equipmets to 200+ countries and we know what our customer need.

Whether you are the cleanroom reseller or end user, you can always get fast support from Qing Neng Group. Qing Neng has professional expert team to solve your any problems at 24*7 time. You will get support on cleanroom installation, cleanroom air conditioner operating guidence and more practical trainning from us.

Qing Neng Projects

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