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Clean Room Crane

√ Qingneng Clean Room Crane feature in wear resistant and wide cleaning range.

√ Qingneng Clean Room Crane Adopt double beam design for stable performance.

√ Qingneng Clean Room Crane has low failure rate and high operational reliability.

Recommend Clean Room Crane for Sale

You can choose different class grade Clean Room Crane from Qing Neng Group. The running wheels of Qing Neng Clean Room Crane feature in wear-resistant and no dust with nylon wheels. You can use our Clean Room Crane in precision machinery, microelectronics, medical equipment and other industries.

Qing Neng Group can provide various types of cleanroom crane, including cleanroom hoist, clean room single-beam cranes, clean room electric suspension cranes, cleanroom gantry crane, clean room double-beam cranes, etc. We can also provide special clean room cranes for special conditions upon request.

Your Premier Clean Room Crane Manufacturer in China

  • Qing Neng is leading Clean Room Crane Manufacturer and has technical development ability.
  • Qing Neng can help to customize your clean room hoist if you need special types.

  • Qing Neng can provide cleanroom crane installation and maintenance service in your country.

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Clean Room Crane Project

Qing Neng has finished clean room crane project in 216 countries and we have experience on how to install and configure cleanroom hoists. You don’t need to be the cleanroom crane expert as we will help you choose the most suitable cleanroom hoist type and give you the complete solution based on your case.

You can have fast technical support from Qing Neng Group and we are glad to answer your inquiry on any cleanroom issues. Just contact us to start your cleanroom project now.

Qingneng Clean Room Crane Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

Clean Room Crane Material
Strictly QC for material
Cleanroom Hoist Design
Excellent design for your case
Cleanroom Crane Polishing
European polishing machine
Cleanroom Crane Shearing
High efficiency shearing process
Cleanroom Crane Bending
Automaticly bending machine
Cleanroom Crane Punching
Superior Punching Technique

Clean Room Crane – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You come here because you want to buy clean room crane.

But here is the question:

How to choose the suitable cleanroom hoist and find reliable clean room crane manufacturer?

Here we introduce the detailed info on clean room crane to help you solve these problems.

Here we go.

What Is Clean Room Crane?

Clean room crane is the crane specially used in high environmental requirements such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical care, and laboratories.

These special clean room environments are called clean room conditions, and the lifting cranes used are called clean room cranes.



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