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Clean Room Doors

√ Qingneng Clean Room Doors feature in reasonable structure and good air tightness.

√ Qingneng Clean Room Doors produced with impact resistant and durable high hardness.

√ Qingneng Clean Room Doors is fireproof, moistureproof and easy to clean.

Recommend Clean Room Doors for Sale

You can open and close your clean room doors freely as Qingneng equip the bottom of the clean room doors with an automatic lifting and sweeping strip to reduce the friction on the ground. Qingneng offer superior cleanroom doors and cleanroom windows at affordable price to save your budget.

Qingneng apply the advanced technology and innovative internal structure to protect the stability of your clean room doors. Qingneng Cleanroom Doors is tough and the edge cracks are treated with fine silicone to ensure good sound insulation performance.

Clean Room Sliding Door
You will have better sealing and easy access to the clean room area with Sliding Clean Room Door.
Pharmaceutical Clean Room Door
You can get perfect cleaning space separaction effect with our Pharmaceutical Clean Room Door.
Clean Room Roll Up Door
It is more safe than ordinary doors for the cleanroom application and is easy to open.
Clean Room Hinged Doors
You can reduce potential extra contamination with Qingneng Hinged Clean Room Doors.
Automatic Clean Room Doors
Automatic Clean Room Door will close and open automaticly with high quality sensors.
You can use it for longer service time as it is more durable and enable fast access.
Clean Room Single Door
It is easy to open and close single clean room door for your project with simple control.
Steel Clean Room Doors
Qingneng steel clean room doors is suitable for higher requirement for excellent resistance.
Stainless Steel Clean Room Doors
You can choose different colors on Stainless Steel Clean Room Doors for your desired requirements.
Aluminum Clean Room Doors
You can save your cost with Aluminum Clean Room Doors to reach the required sealing effect.
Clean Room Door Design
Qingneng is able to design your Clean Room Door to customize your business need.
Clean Room Door Accessories
Qingneng provide wide ranges of Clean Room Door Accessories for your need.

Your Premier Clean Room Doors Manufacturer in China

  • Qingneng is your reliable Clean Room Doors Manufacturer with Environmental Management System Certification.
  • Qingneng has 2 R&D laboratories, 1 industry testing laboratory and 1 formulation system laboratory for Cleanroom Doors and cleanroom development.

  • You will reveive your Cleanroom Doors with complete package to avoid potential danger during the shipping period.
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Clean Room Doors for Sale Project

Qingneng has exported Clean Room Doors to 200+ countries and get positive review from our clients. Whether you are the distributor, cleanroom contractor or end user, you can always get the fastest and professional support from our expert team.

Qingneng has experience on Cleanroom Doors manufacturing and installation, You will get a longer service life clean room door. Contact us now to get the clean room door price now!

Qingneng Clean Room Doors Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

Cleanroom Doors Material
Strictly QC for material
Clean Room Door Design
Excellent design for your case
European polishing machine
Cleanroom Doors Shearing
High efficiency shearing process
Cleanroom Doors Bending
Automaticly bending machine
Cleanroom Doors Punching
Superior Punching Technique

Cleanroom Doors Design

Material Steel/304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc
Application Industrial,GMP, Pharmacy,Hospital,etc
Interlock system with/without
Door closer with/without
Size(mm) 900x2100mm 1200x2100mm 1500x2100mm 1800x2100mm
Customized Size Available
Color customized
Door leaf thickness(mm) 50mm
Door frame thickness(mm) customized
Support Global Installation


Cleanroom Doors – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This clean room door will help you find reliable clean room manufactuer in China.


We introduce all fields you need to know when importing cleanroom doors.

What Is Cleanroom Doors?

Clean room doors refers to a special door that is suitable for cleaning workshops such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other occasions with clean requirements.

It features in seamless and corrosion resistant.

Clean room doors has the advantages of isolating particles and bacteria in the air in a certain space and controlling the stability of temperature, cleanliness, pressure difference, sound and other factors within a certain space can achieve the environment required for medical treatment.

Clean room doors consists of door frame, door panel, observation window and sealing items.

How Much is Cleanroom Doors?

Cleanroom Doors price start at $270 on the Internet.

But you need to confirm what material and where you want to use the clean room doors.

Generally, the price of clean room doors is dependent on the following factors.

Cleanroom Doors Types


Different types of clean room doors sells different price.

What Types of Cleanroom Doors Are Available?

Cleanroom doors come in various types.

According to the material classification, it can be divided into color steel clean room door, steel clean room door, aluminum alloy clean room door, melamine clean room door.

The color steel plate clean room door can be divided into two kinds of clean doors made on site and factory made.

According to the material, the steel plate cleanroom door can be divided into cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying cleanroom door and stainless steel cleanroom door.

Among them, stainless steel clean room door can be divided into stainless steel 201 clean room door, stainless steel 304 clean room door, stainless steel 316 clean room door, etc.

According to the type classification, it can be divided into single clean room door and double clean room door.

For clean doors with a width less than 1200mm, we recommend making single-leaf doors, and when the width is greater than 1200mm, we recommend making double-leaf clean doors. Generally speaking, the door for passing people is a single door, and the door for passing goods is a double door.

According to the classification of door opening method, it can be divided into swing clean room door, translation clean room door and rolling clean room door.

There are two types of sliding doors: manual and electric, but most of them are manual; there are also two types of sliding doors, manual and electric, but most of them are electric; the material of rolling doors is generally PVC.

What are the Differences Between Manual and Automatic Cleanroom Doors?

Hand and automatic clean room doors both have good air tightness, ensuring the cleanliness of the controlled environment.

Compared with manual clean room door, automatic clean room door is more convenient to control the door without using one’s hand.

For example, in a hospital operating room, the medical personnel can come into and out from the cleanroom door without opening or closing it by hand.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Cleanroom Door Manufacturer?

Working with a cleanroom door manufacturer can help you finish your clean room project quickly in reliable performance.

A good cleanroom door manufacturer can design, produce, install and maintain your clean room to let it work normally.

You need to find your trustworthy cleanroom door manufacturer if you want to start your project.

How do I Choose the Right Clean Room Door for My Requirements?

1. Confirm Your Clean Room Door Size:

Your Clean Room Door should be large enough to enable people, carts, and smaller trolleys to come in and out.

You can consider using a parent-child or double clean room door for people and cargo while using a single clean room door just for people.

2. Aesthetic of Clean Room Door:

You need to conisder your clean room door’s color, pattern, and material to complement with the surrounding working environment.

For example:

You need to choose white or blue color cleanroom door for the hospital if the related condition color is white or blue.

This can ensure the overall situation is uniform.

3. Cost-effectiveness of Cleanroom Door:

This is easy to understand.

Different sizes, materials, and styles can affect the cost of your cleanroom door.

So how to choose the best cleanroom door?

The answer is to choose the most suitable options instead of choosing the most expensive ones.

You need to choose the door that meet your budget and working requirement.

Don’t opt for the most expensive clean room door.

Choose the one that best suits your needs based on functionality, quality, durability, longevity, and convenience.

For example:

You can use the single cleanroom door instead of double clean room door if your project is simple and just require people to go.

What are the different cleanroom door certifications and standards?

Can I customize cleanroom doors to fit my specific requirements?

Sure, you can customize your clean room door based on your situation and requirements.

Clean room doors are customized cleanroom products according to the clean rooms desired aperture size.

You need to confirm the exact size before customize cleanroom door.

Generally speaking, single clean room door standard size is 900*2100 mm, parent-child clean room door size is 1200*2100 mm, and double clean room door size is 1500*2100 mm.

Qingneng can customzie non-standard clean room door size based on your actual needs, with door width ranging from 800 to 2000 mm and door height ranging from 2000 to 2600 mm.

How Soon Can I Expect to Receive Cleanroom Doors After Placing an Order?

The time you receive your cleanroom doors is decided by the following factors.

Clean Room Doors Manufacturing Period

It usually takes 7-10 working days to produce the clean room doors in a factory.

The production time may be prolonged if your order quantity is large.

Clean Room Doors Transportation Way

This is easy to understand.

Air express will be more fast than traditional shipping transportation.

For reference, you will receive your clean room doors in 7 days or more short time if you choose air delivery.

However, you might wait for 30 days if you choose sea shipping delivery.

Your Destination Port for Clean Room Doors


Delivery time need to consider your location and destination port.

As it decides the transportation distance and related time for the Clean Room Doors.

The closer your place, the shorter time it will takes to deliver.

For example:

You will receive your Clean Room Doors in about 7 days by sea shipping way if you are located in Asian area.

As Asian country is near to China and it just takes quite short days to deliver China goods to the Asian areas.

Instead, you will have to receive your Clean Room Doors at least 45 days by shipping if your destination port locates in South America or African region.

Are Cleanroom Doors Easy to Install, and Do I Need to Call in a Professional?

Yes, cleanroom doors is easy to install, but you need tools and basic knowledge to finish the installation successfully.

It is better you can find professional people to do the job, or you can do the installation with teaching video provided by the manufacturer.

As leading clean room manufacturer, Qingneng can provide special installation tools and installation video to help clients install their clean rooms.

We can guide you step-by-step through the installation process, and we have many successful cases to refer to.

For example, our customer in South America was able to install our clean room doors successfully with the guidance of our installation video.

Clean Room Doors Manufacturers

Are you seeking for clean room doors manufacturer list to collect and contact for your clean room building or business?

We have wide contact on cleanroom industry and introduce the following clean room doors suppliers for your reference.


clean room doors manufacturer-stanleyaccess

STANLEY Access Technologies is the subsidiary company of ALLEGION ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES LLC and they offer sliding door, hospital door, swing cleanroom door and folding clean room doors across usa and canada. You can also ask for support for other countries as there are experts in their support system for worldwide clients.

Contact info:

tel: 1-800-7-ACCESS

add:65 Scott Swamp Rd US,Connecticut,Farmington,06032

Lindner Group

lindner-group cleanroom doors supplier

Lindner group is Germany based clean room door manufacturer with various cleanroom doors to supply.

You can customize the doors with different materials to meet your project standards and they support tailored made for your demand.

Lindner group mainly supply hinged clean room doors and sliding clean room doors in wide styles for your specific applications.

You can choose aluminum frame clean room doors or flexible clearoom doors according to your need.

Contact info:

tel: +49 8723 20-0

add:Bahnhofstrasse 29, DE,Arnstorf


assaabloyentrance clean room doors manufacturer

ASSA ABLOY is a Sweden company manufacture clean room in comply with EU standards.

You will get strong support regarding cleanroom doors design and fabrication as there are 15000 staff to support customers.

ASSA ABLOY guarantee a secure entrance for your area with higher quality clean room doors.

Contact info:

tel: 1-877-316-6557

add: Lodjursgatan 10, SE,Skåne,Landskrona,26144


clean room door manufacturers kleanlabs

KLEANLABS locates in Hungary and produce excellent clean room doors with 1700 m2 manufacturing plant.

KLEANLABS clean room doors meet CE, GMP and European standards to ensure the best performance in different situations.

You can get 1 year warranty from KLEANLABS on their clean room doors. You can also buy clean room doors accessories directly from KLEANLABS no matter where your clean room is located.

Contact info:

tel: +36 37 737 500

add: Hungary, 3200 Gyongyos, Kenyergyar street 9


clean room doors manufacturers dortek

Dortek has 50 years experience on clean room doors solution for worlwide pharma, food and healthcare companies.

You will get full support service on the cleanroom doors request from their complete system.

Dortek clean room doors feature in warp resistant and you will not have rust problem for your cleanroom.

Contact info:

tel:+353 (0) 404 67101

add:Bond street, Wicklow Town, County Wicklow, A67 HE26 Ireland

Qing Neng Group

clean room doors manufacturers qing neng group

Qing Neng Group started to manufacture clean room doors since 2008 and there are 1000+ clean room cases worldwide.

All of their clean room doors and equipments are CE certified. You can get faster support on clean room design and other services.

You can consider Qing Neng Group  if you want to find reliable clean room doors manufacturer and supplier in China.

Contact info:

tel: +86-136 3386 8200

add: Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China


clean room door manufacturer easypharma

EASYPHARMA s.r.l. is Italy brand manufacturer on clean room door founded in 1998.

They use 3D software to design your clean room door and layout to reach the perfect effect.

EASYPHARMA s.r.l supply hinged, roll-up and sliding cleanroom doors with spare parts and interlock system to help you improve clean room conditions.

Contact info:

tel: +39 039.6817142

add: Via 1°Maggio, 87 20885 Ronco Briantino (MB) – ITALY

Scott Doors

clean room door manufacturer scottdoors

Scottdoors started clean room doors business in 1998 and become one of the leading clean room door manufacturers by director D.A. Scott.

You can source Seamless PVC and GRP Hinged clean room doors plus sliding doors for your project.

Scottdoors clean room doors consist of thickened insulated materials to ensure great sealing and sound insulation quality.

Contact info:

tel: 0161 882 9043

add: Captain Clarke Road, Hyde, Cheshire. SK14 4QG

Shakti Hörmann Private Limited

Shakti Hörmann Private Limited clean room door manufacturer

Shakti Hörmann Private Limited is Indian clean room door manufacturer since 1994 and became Hörmann subsidiary in 2012.

Shakti Hörmann can produce 10000 clean room doors per year to let customers choose suitable doors in available stock.

Contact info:

tel: 1800 313 6619

add: H. No 2-67/1, Gagillapur, Dundigal Municipality, Medchal (Malkajgiri) District – 500 043, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Total Precision Cleanrooms

totalprecisioncleanrooms cleanroom door manufacturer

Total Precision Cleanrooms offers custom made clean room doors and cleanroom construction service.

You can directly discuss with TPC in their office if you are in Australia.

Contact info:

tel: 1300 110 910

add: 14 Jarrah Drive Braeside Vic 3195, Australia


mecart-cleanroom door

MECART manufacture clean room doors in canada since 1974 and offer products & service worldwide.

You can easily configure clean room doors as MECART  design it with optimized interlock system.

Contact info:

tel: 418-880-7000

add: 110 Rotterdam Street, St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec Canada G3A 1T3



RYTEC provide high end clean room doors for pharma and more industries.

You can choose different cleanroom doors with related resource for your project.

Contact info:

tel: 262-677-9046

add: One Cedar Parkway W223N16601 Cedar Parkway Jackson, WI 53037-0403

Terra Universal

terrauniversal clean room door

Terra Universal has 45 years experience on clean room doors manufacturing.

You can get one stop solution from clean room solution to industry support.

Contact info:

tel:+1 (714) 578-6100

add: 800 S. Raymond Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831


clean room door manufacturer ritehite

Rite-Hite began business in 1980 and is world leading clean room door manufacturer now.

You can choose lightspeed cleanroom door and other types for your business from Rite-Hite.

Contact info:

add: 24 Bunting Street Winnipeg Manitoba R2X 2P6 Canada



Albany provides high speed clean room door with better service.

Albany is one of leading clean room manufacturers and ready to give you best service.

Contact info:


add: ALBANY DOORS 13850 101st Street, Suite B Kenosha, WI 53142

KCC Group

thekccgroup clean room door manufacturers

KCC Group supply a reliable and safe clean room door solution. You have wide choice on clean room doors from KCC.

You can also customize your cleanroom doors for your situation by KCC Group.

Contact info:

tel:+353 (0)1 456 7421

add: Whitworth House, Unit 1 Westgate Business Park, Ballymount, Dublin 24, Ireland


clean room door manufacturer efaflex

EFAFLEX is one of the first clean room door manufacturers that specialized in high speed doors series.

They are a family owned cleanroom door company since 1974 and now have 10 subsidiaries including industrial doors.

Contact info:

add: Fliederstraße 14 DE,Bayern,Bruckberg,84079


plascore-clean room door manufacturer

Plascore is top rated clean room door manufacturer and you can build modular cleanroom with their expertise.

They have made many cleanroom projects in semiconduct and pharma industry.

Contact info:

tel: (800) 630-9257

add: 615 N. Fairview Zeeland, Michigan 49464 U.S.A

Gilgen Door Systems AG

gilgendoorsystems clean room door manufacturers

 Gilgen Door Systems is good at automatic clean room door manufacturing and you can purchase sliding, folding up types cleanroom doors from them.

Contact info: 

tel: +41 31 734 41 11

add: Freiburgstrasse 34 CH-3150 Schwarzenburg

FTS Lifecare

ftslifecare clean room door uae manufacturers

FTS Lifecare is UAE clean room door manufacturer and has been trusted by 800+ clients.

You can source from cleanroom doors to panels from them.

Contact info:

tel: +97165772230

add: Emirates Road, Maleha Road, Sharjah, UAE


clean room door manufacturer supplier infraca

Infraca supply not only clean room doors but also industrial and special application doors to Spain and global clients.

You can also customzie your need about the doors from Infraca.

Contact info:

tel: +34 96 185 67 59

add: Polígono La Estación, Camí Travesser s/n, 46560 Massalfasar (Valencia), España

TecnoIndustriale S.r.l.

Italy clean room door manufacturer tecnoindustriale

TecnoIndustriale S.r.l. has more than 30 years experience on clean room doors and you can find all types of doors to meet your business.

TecnoIndustriale S.r.l. has ISO and OHSAS certifications for cleanroom doors, you can rest assured on their quality.

Contact info:

tel: +39 0438 445 102

add: Via Mercatelli Maglio, 16 31010 Ponte della Priula (TV) Italy
















































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