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Clean Room Panels

√ Qingneng clean room panels made of superior raw materials to ensure great performance

√ Qingneng fill your clean room panels with higher grade rock wool for outstading quality.

√Qingneng manufacture your clean room panels with world’s first fully automatic cleanroom panels production line.

√Qingneng clean room panels meet chemical corrosion-resistant standards and offer excellent sound and heat insulation performance.

Recommend Clean Room Panels for Sale

Qingneng manufacture and supply wide range of clean room panels for Pharmaceutical, hospital and more industries. You can easily start your clean room project with Qingneng as we’ve worked with different country customers to build various types of clean room panel systems.

You will get European stadard clean room panels, clean room doors and more at affordable price from Qingneng. Qingneng go through three rounds of control and testing to ensure your cleanroom panels consist of qualified raw materials. You can also customize the cleanroom panels to meet your individual situation from Qingneng.

Qingneng manufactures and supplies a wide range of cleanroom panels. You can buy cleanroom wall panels, aluminum honeycomb clean room panels, colored steel clean room panels and more. Whether you are into the food, aerospace, or automotive industry, Qingneng provides you with the best suitable clean room panel systems for your needs.

Modular Clean Room Panels
Qing Neng Modular Clean Room Panels has the advantages of prefabrication, rapid construction and secondary reuse.
Clean Room Medical Panel
Our Medical Clean Room Panels contains no harmful solvents or formaldehyde to ensure environmentally friendly..
Clean Room Rockwool Panel
Qing Neng Rockwool Clean Room Panel has good fire performance, easy installation, saving your time and labor.
Cleanroom Sandwich Wall Panel
You can customize the length and width of our Sandwich Cleanroom Wall Panel, it can greatly reduce the basic engineering and structural costs.
Scratch & VHP Resistant Cleanroom Panel
Our Scratch & VHP Resistant Cleanroom Panel made of first class grade flame retardant materials to ensure Sound insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention performance.
Clean Room Industrial Panel
Qing Neng Industrial Clean Room Panel has good mechanical properties and airtightness with simple structure.
Clean Room Machine Made Panel
Our Machine Made Clean Room Panel feature in light weight, good flatness and good fire resistance, suitable for the electronics industry.
Qing Neng Hand Made Clean Room Panel is flat and beautiful with Class A flame retardant filling materials fit for the clean rooms ceiling enclosure.
Prefabricated Opening Cleanroom Panel
Qing Neng Group Prefabricated Opening Cleanroom Panel is accurate in size and easy for installation, suitable for industrial and machinery industries.

Your Premier Clean Room Panels Manufacturer in China

  • Qingneng is one of top rated clean room panels manufacturer with automically processing machines.
  • Qingneng package the cleanroom panels with environmentally friendly and easy-to-remove plastic wrap.
  • Qingneng improve the precision, strength, flatness and aesthetics of the clean room panels by precisely measuring and intelligently controll processes.
  • Qingneng is one of the experienced clean room panel manufacturers in China having certifications like CE, ISO9000, EMSC, etc.
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Cleanroom Panels for Sale Project

You can trust Qingneng cleanroom panels when sourcing cleanroom panels suppliers in China. Qingneng has helped thousands of customers grow business and increase revenues with qualified cleanroom panels.

Qingneng has design department to customize your clean room wall panels. You will get full support by our technical experts. No matter what your business is, Qingneng can be your reliable partner on cleanroom industry.

Qingneng delivers its cleanroom wall panels, cleanroom partition panels, cleanroom ceiling systems, etc. worldwide. We employ state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment for every project, thanks to our R&D laboratories.

Qingneng Clean Room Panels Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

Clean Room Rockwool Panel
High Grade EPS, Rockwool and more material available
Clean Room Panels Design
Tailored deign for your special need
Clean Room Panels Film Covering
Film Covering to avoid potential damage
Clean Room Panels Cutting by Qing Neng
Cutting Clean Room Panels based on drawings
Clean Room Panels Edge Banding
Banding Clean Room Panels Edge
Clean Room Panels Compaction
Clean Room Panels Compaction 48 hour before shipping

clean room panel design

Material EPS/PU/Rockwool
Width 950/1180mm
Length <11.85m
Thickness 50/75/100/150/200mm
Surface color steel sheet/aluminum plate/stainless steel plate
Sound insulation Excellent
Fire-proof level A Grade
Thermal Insulation Properties Excellent

Qing Neng is Reliable Clean Room Panels Manufacturer

Qingneng is one of the trustworthy clean room panel manufacturers in China.

Our cleanroom wall panels feature perfect design and use quality raw material.

Each of the cleanroom wall panels goes through several rounds of quality testing.

Whether you buy their clean room ceiling tiles or clean room puf panel, you will get 100% satisfaction.

Clean Room Panels – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning to import clean room panels, this post will help you find reliable clean room panels manufacturer in China.

The best part?

We covered every aspect you need to know about clean room panels before buying it.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Clean Room Panels?

Clean Room Panels also called purification panel, it is widely used in clean engineering fields with strict requirements for indoor environment such as electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research industries.

Clean Room Panels is a composite panel with color coated board, stainless steel, aluminum alloy panel and other materials as surface materials.

What Material is Clean Room Panels?

The clean room panels core materials can consist of rock wool, paper honeycomb, glass magnesium plate, aluminum honeycomb, magnesium oxysulfide, silica, gypsum and others.

The panel materials for clean room panels includes color steel plate, color coated aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, titanium zinc plate, keel, protective film, adhesive and others.

The role of the keel can make the bonding of the clean room panels stronger and achieve the effect of purification.

The material of the keel is galvanized and PVC, you can select according to the engineering requirements.

The use of adhesives increases clean room panels firmness.

The protective film can protect your clean room panels from scratched.

What is the Clean Room Panels Manufacturing Process?


Clean Room Panels Manufacturing Process include multi steps.

Clean Room Panels Design

This is necessary before producing clean room panels.

You need to confim the cleanroom panels size, materials and other details to ensure the manufacturer produce the right type of clean room panel.

Clean Room Panels Materials

Here is the truth:

Different company sell their clearoom panels at different price.

The reason is they use different materials and manufacturing technique.

The higher grade material usually cost you more than the ordinary material clean room panel.

You should not just focus on the price when sourcing clean room panels in China.

As there’re thousands of China clean room manufacturers and you don’t know how they control quality and waht material they use to produce cleanroom panels.

Clean Room Panels Film Covering

This step is important for clean room panels as film covering can let your panels avoid easily damaged when collison.

A reliable manufactuer will do this step before processing to next step.

Clean Room Panels Cutting

After film covering, cutting machine will cut the clean room panels according to the drawings.

Cutting make it possible to achieve required size for customer’s requirements.

Clean Room Panels Gluing

The aim of gluig is to ensure better adhesion for finished cleanroom panels.

Handmade clean room panels will have better adhesion as the glue is more uniform under manual glue homogenization.

Install Clean Room Panels Frame


Keel is helpful to make the cleanroom panels more solid.

A Reliable manufactuer will do this step for your order.

Laying Core Materials on Clean Room Panels

Here is the truth:

The core materials decide the performance of your cleanroom panels.

If you need rockwool material, then the manufacturer will cut and lay rockwool on Clean Room Panels.

You can also require other materials for your clean room panels.

Laying Gluing Clean Room Panels

The Clean Room Panels workers will put the glued panels on the rockwool or other required materials.

Clean Room Panels Compaction

The finished Clean Room Panels must be compacted for 48 hours before delivery.

What is difference between hand made and machine made clean room panels?

The widths of hand made and machine made clean room panels are different

The machine made clean room panels common width is 950mm and 1150mm, while hand made clean room panels width is 970mm, 980mm, 1170Mm, and 1180mm.

The manufacturer can also customize non-standard hand made clean room panels size based on your requirement.

The thickness of hand made and machine made clean room panels are different

The machine made clean room panels common thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm, while hand made clean room panels thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

The appearance of hand made and machine made clean room panels is different

The hand made clean room panels shape is finer than the machine made clean room panels.

The types of hand made and machine made clean room panels is different

The type of machine made clean room panels is relatively simple.

But there are 8 or 9 kinds of hand made clean room panels which can be applied to different engineering project requirements.

The Compressive Strength of hand made and machine made clean room panels is different

The compressive strength of machine made clean room panels is poor while the compression strength of the handmade clean room panels is higher.

The core board material of hand made and machine made clean room panels is different

It is available to fill various core boards in the hand-made clean room panels for different applications.

Machine made clean room panels is not available to customize different core board material.

The Price of hand made and machine made clean room panels is different

The price of the machine made clean room panels is not very high because it is manufactured by equipment line.

However, the price of hand made clean room panels is relatively high due to manual production with complicated processing technology and more labor cost.

How to Choose Clean Room Panels

There are so many cleanroom panels types in the market and you need to inpect the following points to source

Calculate your construction project required clean room panels quantity


You need to know the exact quantity and size of your clean room panels for your project.


You can calculate your cleanroom area, length, width, thickness, and number of parts required, with appropriate allowances to prevent waste and shortage.

Fully understand the specifications and models of clean room panels manufacturers

This is important:

Different clean room panels factory produce different cleanroom panels in various sizes.

You should understand the relevant technical performance indicators from your clean room panels suppliers.

Just remember to check if your cleanroom panels technical data meet your project required specifications.

Pay attention to clean room panels manufacturer industry reputation

When purchasing clean room panels, you can search on the Internet or related professional forums to see the customer review on the quality, service life and comprehensive services of clean room panels manufacturers.

It can help you know better about the clean room panels manufacturer’s quality and service.

You can skip the clean room panels manufacturer who has many negative reviews and find another clean room panels supplier for your project.

Check the clean room panels manufacturer capacity

Here is the deal:

Regular and powerful clean room manufacturers can guarantee the reliable products quality.

You need to spend more time researching on the clean room manufacturers reseach and manufacturing ability.

Also you should confirm if they have quality certifications on clean room panels.

A reliable clean room panels manufacturer will provide certified clean room panels with strong R& D ability.




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