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Clean Room UK

√ Qing Neng offer complete clean room supplies for UK market.

√ Qing Neng can be your Clean Room contractor in Malaysia for complex projects.

√ Qing Neng will provide Clean Room panels to Malaysia clients with more clean room equipment.

Qing Neng Clean Room for UK

Qing Neng is familiar with UK cleanrooms industry requirements with 15 years experience. You can trust our clean room supply ability from clean room panels to clean room air shower and air conditioner system. Besides cleanroom supplies, Qing Neng can help you design your project layout and we can take mesurement for your cleanroom on site.

Your Premier Clean Room Manufacturer for UK Market

Qing Neng has been known as great clean room manufacturer in UK. We have professional workers and engineers to ensure world class clean room products and service for customers in different industries.

Qing Neng has complete clean room production line with certifications to ensure qualified products. There are European brands clean room manufacturing equipment in our factory to improve the clean room equipment quality.

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Clean Room UK Project

Qing Neng has installed cleanrooms UK and most of our customers are satisfied with our expertise. You will also get customzied design service on your clean room.

Qing Neng is glad to help you solve any question you have on cleanrooms. You will get faster response from our dedicated team.


Qingneng Clean Room UK Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

QN Clean Room Material
High grade material
Customized design for you
Qing Neng Cleanroom Construction
Professional construction team
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Reliable air conditioner system
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Completely Clean Room Equipment
Qing Neng Clean Room Processing
Superiorior Performance
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