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Cleanroom Equipment

√ Qing Neng provide one-stop solution on your cleanroom equipment.

√ You can import all types of cleanroom equipment from Qing Neng with affordable price.

√ Qing Neng offer extra spare parts for your cleanroom equipment.

Qingneng cleanroom equipment is compliant with international cleanliness standards and passes various quality checks.

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Qing Neng is known as leading Cleanroom Equipment manufacturer and we have worked with many famous brands worldwide on clean room equipment and related projects. You can directly sourcing your desired cleanroom equipment and get the best quotation from Qing Neng.

Qingneng is a prominent cleanroom equipment supplier in China. Our cleanroom equipment and supplies include an clean room air conditioner, air shower, HEPA filter, fan filter units, pass box, and more. At Qingneng, you can buy a clean room device of various purification levels as per your requirements. Moreover, our cleanroom equipment price is quite competitive.

Qing Neng provide cleanroom supply to various applications. Whether you are in the medical or food industry, you can build clean room with Qing Neng clean room equipment to meet different clean room standard.

Cleanroom Efficient Air Outlet
Our Cleanroom Efficient Air Outlet Can effectively filter particles and particles to meet the clean room cleanliness requirements.
Pass Box
Qing Neng Cleanroom Pass Box body is made of stainless steel plate to avoid rust and designed with Interlock system.
Cleanroom Fan Filter Units(FFU)
Our Cleanroom FFU feature in stepless speed regulation and stable speed regulation performance to keep air volume constant under the high-efficiency filter resistance.
LED Cleanroom Lamp
Qing Neng LED Cleanroom Lamp Using high-quality LED lamp beads and Isolated power supply design to ensure longer service life time.
You can choose fixed and movable Cleanroom Storage cabinets that is easy to install, reusable, and environmentally friendly.
Cleanroom Laminar Flow Hood
Our Cleanroom Laminar Flow Hood adopt special flow channel and flow equalization system design with low noise.
Cleanroom Weighing Hood
Qing Neng Cleanroom Weighing Hood consist of unique air supply and exhaust air operation system to avoid products cross-contamination.
Cleanroom Air Shower Systems
Our Cleanroom Air Shower Systems include circulating air design ensures the cleanliness of the air shower area when it is not in the shower state.
Cleanroom HEPA Filter
Qing Neng Cleanroom HEPA Filter composed of international brands raw material for superior filtering performance in complex situations.

Your Premier Cleanroom Equipment Supplier in China

  • Qingneng has been top rated Clean Room Equipment Manufacturer for 10+ years with various certifications.
  • You are welcome to visit our factory to see how Qing Neng produce your Clean Room Equipment.

  • Qing Neng deliver your Clean Room Equipment with waterproof package and work with reliable forwarder.
  • Qingneng prepares its cleanroom projects and equipment using its automated production line and experienced designers and engineers.
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Cleanroom Equipment for Sale Project

Qingneng has supplied Cleanroom Equipment to customers from worldwide. You can get the fastest response on your order and Qing Neng support installation & repair service for your clean room.

You will get trainning how to install and operate Cleanroom Equipment from us. Qing Neng even can send engineers to solve you any problem for your Clean Room Equipment.

Qingneng has designed a strict production process standard for its cleanroom equipment. You can observe a noticeable difference in the strength and aesthetics of our semiconductor cleanroom equipment when compared to others.

Qingneng Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

Cleanroom Material
Superior Material
Cleanroom Design
Accurately Design
Cleanroom Equipment Drawing
Professional Drawing
Cleanroom Equipment Production
Modern Production Line
Cleanroom Equipment Assemble
Assembled By Seasoned Workers
Cleanroom Equipment QC
Multi Steps QC

Cleanroom Cleanroom Equipment Design

Qing Neng is Reliable Clean Room Equipment Manufactuer

Qingneng is a prominent clean room equipment manufacturer in China supplying its equipment worldwide. Here you get clean room equipment that complies with environmental management system certification. Qingneng owns a spacious testing laboratory and a formulation system laboratory.

Cleanroom Equipment – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


What Is Cleanroom Equipment?

Clean room equipment is a product that improves air cleanliness and is mainly used to remove indoor air pollution and thoroughly clean the air for clean room.

Clean room equipment has many advantages, it can achieve the effect of purifying exhaust gas with high purification efficiency.

How Much is Cleanroom Equipment?


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