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Cleanroom Solutions

√ Reliable clean room solutions to solve your desired need.

√ Excellent clean room system with total solution to help you grow business.

√ Qingneng offer cleanroom solutions with on site measurement service.

√ Qingneng is among the leading and reliable clean room solution providers in China.

Cleanrooms We Offer

Qingneng offers a wide range of cleanroom supplies to meet different requirements. You will find that our clean room solution has a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Being an experienced cleanroom solution provider, we are aware of your requirements for strict purification projects. You will get a modern construction solution suiting your needs.

You can sit down and relax when Qing Neng make the clean room solutions to meet your business need. As a leading cleanroom manufacturer, you can always rely on Qing Neng to solve your need on clean room project. Whether you want to build GMP cleanroom, medical clean room or other clean room, Qing Neng will save your time & cost to finish it with industry standards.

“Turn-Key” Cleanrooms Design
Qing Neng offer wide range of cleanroom design options and features for your cleanroom and meets your industry standards.
Modular Cleanrooms Design
Qing Neng provides modular clean room that can be assembled quickly without cutting, no pollution, and low noise
Conventional Cleanrooms Design
You can let Qing Neng build Conventional Cleanrooms in fast and stable way to meet your budget and requirements.
Hybrid Modular Cleanrooms Design
Qing Neng Hybrid Modular Cleanrooms made of recycleable material and pre made equipment to save your project time.
Mobile Cleanrooms
Our Mobile Cleanrooms is suitable for laboratory and pharma factory with wheels to move easily in different sections.
Portable Softwall Cleanrooms Design
Our Portable Softwall Cleanrooms can automatic shut-off to reduce the risk of particles entering the room.

Your Premier Cleanroom Solutions Provider in China

  • Various clean room projects available for your requirements.
  • Qing Neng can supply clean room related equipment to you.

  • You can let Qing Neng customize the clean room with your details.
  • Get a portable clean room, turnkey clean room, and other clean room solutions under one roof.
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Cleanroom Solutions Project

Qingneng has helped many clients gain profit with clean room solutions. You can get your investment on cleanroom back fast. Qing Neng can offer complete solutions for your clean room.

At Qingneng, you get specialized clean room design to meet the exact requirements of your project. We make complete clean room building and cleanroom supplies. You can also ask for a portable clean room. Our experts will also provide full clean room installation.

You can trust Qing Neng to build cleanroom. Qing Neng is expert manufacturer of clean room and we know how to construct a qualified clean room for all industry. Whether you need iso 4 or iso 9 clean room, Qing Neng can make it.

Qingneng Cleanroom Solutions Capacity to Boom Your Business

Cleanroom Material
Different material available
Cleanroom Design
Tailored deign for your special need
Film Covering to avoid potential damage
Clean Room Equipment
One-stop Equipment Available
clean room installation
Worldwide installation for clients
Clean Room Maintenance
Help you maintain cleanroom

Cleanroom Solutions Design (3) Cleanroom Solutions Design (2) Cleanroom Solutions Design (1)

Qing Neng is Reliable Clean Room Solution Provider

Qingneng is the fastest-growing clean room solution provider in China.

You will get a professional clean room building solution.

We are committed to contributing to the cleanroom industry with our practical cleanroom design.

Qingneng has two research and development laboratories where we design international standard turnkey cleanroom solutions for you.


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