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Cleanroom Windows

√ Qingneng Cleanroom Windows feature in great sealing and sound insulation performance.

√ Qingneng Cleanroom Windows can integrate with cleanroom panels and not easy to fog.

√ Qingneng Cleanroom Windows is double-layer clean room windows .

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You can reduce the noise of 80 decibels to 45 decibels with Qingneng Double-layer clean room windows. Qingneng is premier cleanroom supplier and our cleanroom windows can make your cleanroom extremely quiet.

Qingneng is leading clean room windows manufacturer and supplier. Qingneng double-layer clean room windows use insulating glass filled with inert gas can reduce noise for your cleanroom. Qingneng always stand in the customer’s point of view, providing customers with a high-quality and qualified cleanroom windows in an all-round way.

Qing Neng Double Cleanroom Windows composed of 5mm double-layer tempered glass and desiccant or nitrogen protection for perfect sealing effect.
Fireproof Glass Cleanroom Windows
Qing Neng Double Cleanroom Windows equipped with fireproof expansion seal to prevent fire and smoke from window frame through the bottom gap.
Dimming Glass Cleanroom Windows
Qing Neng Dimming Glass Clean Room Windows can protect privacy with fast response speed and abundant light to effectively block all kinds of noise.
Open Cleanroom Display Window
Qing Neng Open Clean Room Display Window is equipped with mechanical interlock and magnetic sealing strips to reduce contamination problems.
Qing Neng Clean Room Pass Through Window is designed With reliable ultraviolet germicidal lamp and the sterilization time can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Stainless Steel Clean Room Windows
Qing Neng Stainless Steel Clean Room Windows made of stainless steel plate and special sealing strip to ensure airtightness.

Your Premier Cleanroom Windows Manufacturer in China

  • Qingneng is direct Cleanroom Windows Manufacturer with ISO9000 Quality Management System Certification.
  • Qingneng has obtained nearly 100 patents and has successfully obtained many honors for stainless steel clean room windows and flush clean room windows, etc.
  • Qingneng produce your Cleanroom Windows with international brands machine and skillful workers to ensure the great performance.
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Cleanroom Windows for Sale Project

Qingneng has worked with more than 2000+ clients for different cleanroom projects worldwide. You can send us your specific requirements and get a prompt response from Qingneng technical expert.

You do not need to worry about the installation as Qingneng can send engineers to help you install cleanroom windows in your place. You will also get practical trainning on how to clean and maintain the cleanroom windows.

Qingneng Cleanroom Windows Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

Cleanroom Windows Material
Excellent material with QC
Cleanroom Windows Design
Design cleanroom window for you
Cleanroom Windows Polishing
Professional polishing machine
Cleanroom Windows Shearing
Advanced Shearing Technique
Cleanroom Windows Bending
Precisely bending effect
Cleanroom Windows Punching
Accurately Punching Size

Qing Neng Cleanroom Windows Design

Qing Neng Cleanroom Windows Design image


Glass thickness(mm) 5 5 5
Frame material aluminum alloy/stainless steel/forming steel
Glass single/double
Size(mm) 600*600 1180*1000 1180*1200
Shape round/square
Installation manual/machine made
Connect Way Zhong Shape aluminum with handmade color steel plate

Cleanroom Windows – The Definitive Guide

Are you looking for clean room windows?

If so, you will love this post.

The best part?

We cover every detail of clean room windows you need to know when importing cleanroom window.

What Is Cleanroom Windows?

The cleanroom windows refer to windows that aims to minimize contamination of cleanrooms. It is separated with two pieces of tempered glass through effective sealing material to ensure the insulating glass interior space is a dry air layer for a long time.

How Much is Cleanroom Windows?

The cleanroom windows price on Internet range from $300 to $1200. But this is the reference price.

You need to know what material and what application you need to get the best price for cleanroom windows.

Here is the truth:

Different material decides different cleanroom windows price.

Cleanroom windows made of superior material usually cost higher than the unqualified type.

If you want to get reliable cleanroom windows, you need to find a trust worthy cleanroom windows manufacturer.

Why choose Clean Room Double Windows

It can easily transmit the light in the clean room to the outdoor corridor.

It can also better introduce outdoor natural light into the room, improve the brightness of the room, and create a more comfortable working environment.

Clean Room Double windows will not rust.

The biggest trouble with steel products is that they will rust, and once rusted, rust water may be generated, which will spread and cross-contaminate other items.

Using glass can solve this type of problem;  The surface of the double-layer clean room window is relatively smooth and it is not easy to produce sanitary dead corners, resulting in dirt and dirt, and it is easy to clean.

How to Choose Cleanroom Windows?

You should note that there should be no air bubbles in the sealant, if there are air bubbles, it will cause moisture in the air to enter, and eventually its insulation effect will fail.

It must be tightly sealed, otherwise it may cause moisture to diffuse into the air layer through the polymer, and the final result will also cause the cleaning effect to fail.

To ensure the adsorption capacity of the desiccant, if the adsorption capacity of the desiccant is poor, it will soon reach saturation, the air will no longer be able to keep dry, and the effect of the clean room will gradually decrease.



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