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Hospital Door Manufacturer

√ Qingneng Hospital Door feature in great fire resistant and sliding ability.

√ Qingneng Hospital Door made of superior raw material for reliable performance.

√ Qingneng Hospital Door help you save time to clean and maintain in daily use.

Recommend Hospital Door for Sale

Qing Neng Hospital Door will help to make your hospital room quiet and fireproof. You can customize different hospital room doors according to your situation. There are various hospital doors available to choose. Qing Neng use famous brands raw materials to manufacture your hospital door and meet European quality test. You can get fast response from our technical support team.

As leading clean room door manufacturer, Qing Neng produce the hospital door with HPL panel materials to ensure your hospital clean room doors Moisture-proof and not deform in long service time. Qing Neng Hospital Doors are built-in high carbon steel pipe to reach higher strength structure.

Hospital Sliding Doors
Our Hospital Sliding Doors feature in high hardness and fully enclosed design with no deformation quality.
Hospital Double Doors
Hospital Double Doors has Door back buckle edge design to reach Collision resistant to protect your doors.
Qing Neng Automatic Hospital Door use special motor for automatic doors in stable and reliable performance.
Hospital Aluminium Door
Our Hospital Aluminium Door made of excellent Aluminium material for high hygiene requirement.
Hermetic Doors for Hospitals (2)
Hermetic Doors for Hospitals is fireproof and filled with high-strength flame-retardant core material.
Hospital emergency room entrance interior.
The Hospital Emergency Door material is environmentally friendly galvanized steel plate.
Hospital ICU Door
Qing Neng Hospital ICU Door designed with intelligent control and quick stop.
Hospital Operating Room Door
Hospital Operating Room Door feature with Alloy silent track and various opening ways.
Hospital Fire Doors
Qing Neng can customize hospital fire doors according to the size from your project.
Hospital Patient Room Doors
Our Hospital Patient Room Doors consist of Shockproof and soundproof rubber strip.
Hospital Door Design
You can get tailored design service on your hospital door from Qing Neng Group.
Hospital Door Accessories
You can source complete Hospital Door Accessories at factory price from us.

Your Premier Hospital Doors Manufacturer in China

  • Qingneng is direct Hospital Doors Manufacturer with complete certifications.
  • Qingneng produce hospital room doors in our own factory with Germany equipment.

  • Qing Neng can send engineers to help you install & repair hospital door worldwide.
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Hospital Door Project

Qingneng has installed 2000+ hospital doors for customers in different countires. They are satisfied with our hospital door quality and installation service. You will save much time if you choose to work with Qing Neng for your hospital door project.

As one of premium hospital door manufacturers, Qing Neng not only supply hospital door, but offer superior clean room doors, clean room window and more clean room equipment to meet your need.

Qingneng Hospital Door Doors Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

Hospital Door Material
Strictly QC for material
Hospital Door Design
Excellent design for your case
Hospital Door Polishing
European polishing machine
Hospital Door Shearing
High efficiency shearing process
Hospital Door Bending
Automaticly bending machine
Hospital Door Punching
Superior Punching Technique

hospital clean room door design

Material Steel/304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc
Door window With curved window/outer square inner circle window/square window
Interlock system Indoor surface electrostatic spraying/outdoor fluorocarbon spraying/304 stainless steel
Door filling Flame retardant paper honeycomb/fireproof aluminum honeycomb/rock wool
Size(mm) 900x2100mm 1200x2100mm 1500x2100mm 1800x2100mm
Customized Size Available
Color customized
opening way Hand sensor/foot sensor/infrared sensor/microwave sensor
Support Global Installation

Hospital Door – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for Hospital Door?

This ultimate Hospital Door guide will bring you to the complete info to help you import Hospital Door.

If you’re seeking reliable Hospital Door manufactuer, this guide will make it easy for you to find it.

Let’s start.

What Is Hospital Door?

Hospital Door is actually a door used by a hospital. Hospital doors are very different from ordinary doors.

The hospital is almost a place with the largest flow of people in the city. People are constantly going in and out, and Hospital door must be opened and closed constantly.

Therefore, the door of the hospital must be wear-resistant and durable. The existence of a medical door is not only a door , and must play a good security role. Therefore, the requirements for process quality and materials are very strict.

What is the Main Types of Hospital Doors?


There are many types of hospital doors and we list the main types below:

  • hospital room door
  • hospital patient room doors
  • hospital sliding doors
  • hermetic doors for hospitals
  • hospital double doors
  • hospital automatic doors
  • hospital emergency door
  • hospital icu door
  • hospital operating room door
  • hospital aluminium door



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