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Modular Clean Room

√ Qingneng Modular Clean Room meet GMP, food and other industry requirements.

√ Qingneng is able to build Modular Clean Room for turnkey project.

√ Qingneng offer tailored Modular Clean Room for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Cleanrooms.

Modular Clean Room From Qing Neng Group

Qing Neng Group provide all types of Modular Clean Room such as modular hardwall cleanroom, modular softwall cleanroom to help your projects. Whether you need the modular clean room design or modular cleanroom systems, Qing Neng Group can provide them to you in fastest time and full technical support.

You can easily reconstruct your clean room with Qing Neng Group Modular Clean Room. Just contact us to get the best Modular Clean Room quotation now!

Your Premier Modular Clean Room Manufacturer in China

  • Qing Neng is one of reliable modular clean room manufacturers offering modular clean room price at affordable price.
  • Qing Neng supply modular clean room for sale to help you save cost on your clean room project.

  • You will spend less modular clean room cost when importing from Qing Neng Group in China.

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Modular Clean Room Project

Qing Neng Group has worked with thousands of clients worldwide on modular clean room. You can expect to get all your questions solved with Qing Neng Group expert engineer team. No matter what types of clean room, you will get prompt support response by Qing Neng Group.

Your cleanroom will run safely and quietly with Qing Neng Group modular clean room. You don’t need to concern the maintain issue as we will send engineers to do it for you.

Qingneng Modular Clean Room Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Business

Modular Clean Room Design
Tailored design for your situation
Modular Clean Room Drawing
Accurate technical drawing for construction
Modular Clean Room Construction
Rich experience engineers construct it
Modular Clean Room Equipment
Complete spare parts for Cleanroom Ceiling System
Modular Clean Room Test
Help you pass the industry test
Modular Clean Room Maintain
Worldwide maintain service available

Modular Clean Room – The Ultimate Guide

If you are seeking Modular Clean Room manufacturer, you will need this guide.


As the premier cleanroom manufacturer, we know all details about modular clean room supply chain in China market.

Let’s begin.

What Is Modular Clean Room?

Modular clean room is a fast and efficient cleanroom space module to quickly improve the cleanliness of the area.

Compared with the traditional clean room, it can be disassembled and installed at the same time.

Modular clean room is convenient for the transformation, expansion and relocation of the production line.

Modular clean room feature in low cost, convenient and flexible assembly to achieve short construction period.

Why Should I Choose Modular Clean Room?

If you need to construct cleanroom in faster time and rebuild your clean room in short time, Modular Clean Room is your best choice.

Modular cleanroom systems are engineered with sharp edges, precise cuts and precise miters.

This high-quality manufacturing method ensures tight, airtight construction and assembly, ensuring your cleanroom maintains peak performance and meets certification standards.

Modular cleanrooms rely on prefabricated components to provide an environment that can meet the most stringent cleanroom classification requirements.

Modular cleanrooms offer the same benefits as traditional cleanrooms, but are faster, more affordable to install, and easy to reconfigure or expand to meet the changing needs of your facility.

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